28,000 miles

I rode to work today, after being out sick. I very rarely get sick, but when I do I try to get the rest I need to heal quickly rather than work through it. That approach accomplishes two things: makes the illness last longer, and gets my co-workers sick as well.

I heal quickly and felt well enough to ride today, the only dry day of the week. My bike is still filthy from the trip I took to Long Beach two weeks ago. I gassed up the bike and noticed that I was getting really close to rolling over 28,000 miles.

I’ll hit that milestone about halfway home after work today. The bike has been rock-solid and given me nothing but smiles.

Commuting Week

It’s not official but I’m commuting on my bike every day this week. The weather has been across the board, too. Cold but dry Monday, rainy coming in on Tuesday but dry on the way home, very foggy on the way in this morning but presently clear blue skies with an increasing east wind.

I’ve found that keeping my bike semi-packed and ready to go in the garage at night makes it easier to get motivated to ride to work the next morning. Normally my car is parked in front of it and I have to pull it out of the garage just to get to my bike. When I ride to work I usually park the car in the driveway the night before, making access to the bike much easier.

Rare January commutes

I’m able to ride to work three days this week. Lately it’s not been a matter of weather that’s led me to commute in my car, it’s been a matter of errands while at work that require a car as well as simply being too tired to ride. I tend to get up pretty early and sometimes I’m just not awake enough to ride safely.

That’s one of the biggest tenets of motorcycle riding … riding within your limits. It not only means staying within a reasonable speed for your skill level but also within your own physical and emotional limits. Don’t ride angry. Don’t ride tired. Don’t ride distracted.

Cold and foggy

I’ve been busy most weekends so I haven’t had much chance to ride in a recreational capacity. This time of year I tend to get most of my miles in while commuting to work. This morning was cold and foggy and I had a fair bit of moisture on the windshield by the time I got to work. It was dark when I left the house, too. For some reason I enjoy riding in the dark.

Muggy commute

It’s been very hot in recent weeks, setting records in fact, and I’ve opted to drive my air conditioned car rather than ride my motorcycle and risk passing out from heat stroke by the time I reached my destination. Yesterday it cooled down enough that riding was feasible and desirable.

I wore my Draggin Jeans and had a comfortable ride into work. Needing to run an errand downtown, I took a long lunch and met a friend for teriyaki and then took care of my errand before riding back to work. By the time I got back to the office I was sweating inside my Aerostich.

When it came time to leave there were rain drops on my windshield although not enough to matter. It was a dry ride home but muggy.

It was raining by nightfall and still raining when I got up this morning. Rain doesn’t bother me that much so I intended to ride to work, but the forecast high was 75 and the idea of increased mugginess was very unappealing to me. So I wussed out and drove the car to work instead.