New book: A Riddle of Scars

I am very happy to announce the availability of my fourth novel, A Riddle of Scars. It is sold exclusively through Amazon in paperback, and coming soon, Kindle format. This is book one of a new trilogy, The Pillars of Taesia. I hope to write books two and three in the next two years, respectively. […]

My Books

The Taesian Chronicles is the first of three connected trilogies, or what I call a trilogy of trilogies. It comprises books 1-3: Ohlen’s Arrow, Ohlen’s Bane, and Paragon’s Call. The complete trilogy is available as a Kindle eBook and in paperback. Vengeance drives him. Can honor save him? A savage tribe of cru’gan brutally slaughtered […]

A Riddle of Scars

And so it begins … again. I have begun the process of writing another book. This will be my fourth novel, continuing the Taesia series. My vision is to write a trilogy of trilogies. Three series of three books each. The first trilogy is The Taesian Chronicles, with book one: Ohlen’s Arrow, book two: Ohlen’s […]