Mid-60s in the middle of January?

This past weekend I went for a long ride on my 2012 Suzuki GSX-R750, and was amazed at how warm it was. This is the middle of January and the temperature in town was 65 degrees.

I saw a lot of motorcyclists out and about, and although I couldn’t see through their face shields, I’m sure they were all grinning like me.

The bike is running fantastic and I’m very happy to have found a source of ‘clear’ premium unleaded … gas without ethanol. Since I don’t ride but once every week or two, it’s good to keep the tank filled with ethanol-free fuel.

Paragon’s Call has begun

After about a month of planning and research, I have created a Plot Event List and have begun primary composition of the third book in the Taesian Chronicles. At this point, my working title is The Paragon’s Call. Stay tuned on that.

My production rate is currently averaging 3,100 words a day, but unfortunately I’m only writing one day a week. Part of my problem is I rarely have the creative energy to write in the evenings after work. If I could do that, then I’d have my book written in a month.

As has been the case with my first two books, Ohlen’s Arrow and its sequel, Ohlen’s Bane, I’m relying heavily on the brilliance that is called Scrivener, from Literature and Latte. This program is a serious productivity tool for writers.