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I dropped my bike

It’s supposed to be hot today. I wanted to move my bike into a spot where it gets shady in mid-afternoon so the seat wouldn’t be screaming hot when I leave at the end of the day. I hopped on and engaged the clutch, then started scooting it forward with my feet.

The problem is, I forgot to disengage the steering lock and the bike kept curving to the left. When it did that it leaned to the right and I was unable to stop it in time. It fell to the right onto the pavement and dumped me onto the ground as well. I did my best tae kwon do roll and was unharmed save for losing the bark at the end of my right pinky finger (WTF?)

The crunching sound my bike make was mortifying. The blow to my pride was the worst, however. I went inside and asked a buddy to come outside and help me get the bike upright. I put the small of my back to the seat and lifted while he held onto the handlebars and guided it.

Once back up I saw that the right sidecase was scuffed and scratched pretty bad but it didn’t look like it was actually punctured. The bar-end on the handlebar was bent at an odd angle, too. Some gas spilled out as well (I filled the tank before arriving at work that morning). Other than that there didn’t appear to be any other damage. After disengaging the steering lock and putting it into neutral I started it up.

If the bar end doesn’t fall off it should be safe to ride home.

My pride received the most damage of the event.

Updated: Pics added…

Right handlebar bar-end
Right hand guard
Givi E21 right side case
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